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DepartmentGuidelines and Procedures DevelopmentDownloads
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Documentation Numbering System
ENG/PROJECTSManagement of Project Change
ENG/PROJECTSList of Standards Applicable in Projects
ENG/PROJECTSDeliverable List in ProjectsDownload the Guidance
ENG/PROJECTSDesign Review ProcedureDownload the Guidance
ENG/PROJECTSDocument Development Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSDevelopment of Basis of DesignDownload the Guidance
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Manager Handbook
ENG/PROJECTSLessons Learnt Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSDocument Change Notice Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Study and Report Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSMaterial Selection Philosophy for Ammonia and Urea Plants
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Checking and Stamps Standard
ENG/PROJECTSEquipment Criticality Rating Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSEquipment Criticality Rating Guide Line
ENG/PROJECTSEquipment Criticality Rating Worksheet
ENG/PROJECTSConstructability Checklist
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Instrumentation Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Mechanical Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSKey Document Change Notice (Form)
ENG/PROJECTSDrawing Development Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSLessons Learnt Prompt List
ENG/PROJECTSLessons Learnt Register
ENG/PROJECTSConstructability Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSConstructability Input Procedure
ENG/PROJECTS3D Model Review Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Electrical Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Process Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSManaging System Override Standard
ENG/PROJECTSP&ID Content Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSInspection and Test Plan
ENG/PROJECTSDesign Review Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Civil and Structural Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Plant Layout Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSSIL Determination Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSSIL Verification Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSSafety in Design Coating, Insulation and Preservation
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline Safety and Design Piping Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Checking Requirements
ENG/PROJECTSSquad Check and Document Distribution Matrix
ENG/PROJECTSSquad Check Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSCalculation Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Services Estimating Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSSupplier Data Management Review and Acceptance Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Documentation Requirements
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Documentation Requirements - Data and Indexes
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Query Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Requisition (ER) Preparation Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSPackaged Units Management Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSModel Review Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Service Metrics and Benchmark (Close-Out) Report
ENG/PROJECTSLISEA* Alignment Session Template
ENG/PROJECTSLISEA* Decision Register
ENG/PROJECTSLISEA* Verification Checklist
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline LISEA Statements - (Mechanical, Instrument, Electrical, HSE)
ENG/PROJECTSDiscipline LISEA Decision Action Form
ENG/PROJECTSManagement of Project Change Task Sheet
ENG/PROJECTSValue Improving Practices GuidelineDownload the Guidance
ENG/PROJECTSValue Improving Practices Plan Template
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Organization and Responsibilities (Project) Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Organization and Responsibilities Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSCalculation Spreadsheet Template
ENG/PROJECTSCalculation Word Template
ENG/PROJECTSDocument Transmittal Request
ENG/PROJECTSDocument/ Drawing Holds Index
ENG/PROJECTSModel Prompt List
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Requisition Template
ENG/PROJECTSMeeting Records
ENG/PROJECTSProject Delivery Systems Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Bid Evaluation Procedure
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering (LISEA)* Plan Task Sheet
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering (LISEA)* Plan template
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Deviation Proposal
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Query Form
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Query Index
ENG/PROJECTSTechnical Stewardship Plan
ENG/PROJECTSTypical Revision Sequence Guideline
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Executive Directive
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Requisition Prompt List
ENG/PROJECTSEngineering Systems Project Checklist
ENG/PROJECTSProject Execution Plan Task Sheet
Equipment Lists Template Development
ENG/PROJECTSMechanical Equipment List (Main Equipment List)
ENG/PROJECTSInstrument List
ENG/PROJECTSElectrical Equipment List (Motors)
ENG/PROJECTSCables List (Electrical)
ENG/PROJECTSPipe Support List
ENG/PROJECTSLines (Ducting) List
ENG/PROJECTSCircuit and Starter
Equipment Data Sheets Template Development
ENG/PROJECTSInstrument (Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Valves - Control)
ENG/PROJECTSMechanical Dinamic (Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Engines, Gears, Couplings, etc.)
ENG/PROJECTSMechanical Static (Pressurized Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Filters,etc.)
ENG/PROJECTSElectrical (Motors, Heaters,UPS, Swichboards, Transformers, Capacitors, Resistors)
ENG/PROJECTSLifting Equipment

DepartmentGuidelines and Procedures Development
OPERATIONOperating Manuals, Procedure and Instructions Guideline

DepartmentGuidelines and Procedures DevelopmentDownloads
PROCESS SAFETYHazard and Operability (HAZOP) Guideline
PROCESS SAFETYHazard and Operability (HAZOP) Procedure
PROCESS SAFETYHazard Identification (HAZID) Study GuidelineDownload the Guidance
PROCESS SAFETYActions Close-Out Procedure
PROCESS SAFETYRisk Ranking and Assessment Methods
PROCESS SAFETYBusiness vulnerability and cost benefit analysis
PROCESS SAFETYAssumption Register
PROCESS SAFETYAs Low As Reasonable Practicable(ALARP) Demonstration Guideline
PROCESS SAFETYAs Low As Reasonable Practicable (ALARP) Demonstration Methodology
PROCESS SAFETYRisk Criteria Guideline
PROCESS SAFETYLayer of protection Analisys (LOPA) Procedure

DepartmentGuidelines and Procedures DevelopmentDownloads
MAINTENANCEComputerized Maintenance Management System Assessment Study
MAINTENANCEDevelop R&M Management Strategy and MetricsDownload the Guidance
MAINTENANCEDetermine reliability envelopes
MAINTENANCEGlossary of Terms and Abbreviations
MAINTENANCEIdentify critical systems and equipment
MAINTENANCEWork Management Data Standard
MAINTENANCEReliability and Maintenance Management Corporate Practice
MAINTENANCEEmploy an organization that supports R&M
MAINTENANCEDevelop and use production availability models
MAINTENANCESelect equipment based on life-cycle cost
MAINTENANCEIncorporate maintainability into designDownload the Guidance
MAINTENANCEPreserve new equipment
MAINTENANCEIdentify spare partsDownload the Guidance
MAINTENANCEDevelop a reliability and maintenance program
MAINTENANCEManage engineering data, documents and drawings
MAINTENANCEMonitor equipment condition
MAINTENANCEConduct basic care
MAINTENANCEEliminate defects
MAINTENANCEApply rigor to work management
MAINTENANCEOptimize PM and PdM programs
MAINTENANCEConduct R&M assessments
MAINTENANCEPreservation for equipment out of service
MAINTENANCEManage obsolete equipment
MAINTENANCEProject specific R&M requirements
MAINTENANCER&M key performance indicators

MAINTENANCEVol. 1 - Initiating the TurnaroundDownload the Guidance
MAINTENANCEVol. 2 – Scope Validation and ChecklistsDownload the Guidance

*LISEALifecycle & Sustainability Engineering for Assets